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Cello Cases Updates

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Cello cases can be found at this url. https://musicstoreusa.com/collections/cello-cases-and-bags

Many colors and styles are slow to be re-supplied, thanks to the world-wide problems including staffing issues and shipping difficulties, so just to be safe, when you find a case you like, please feel free to hit the chat button, or email, call or text me, and I'll do a quick check with our distributors to make sure the one you want is in stock, or being re-stocked in the near future, so you'll have an idea when you'll get it. If there's a very specific style or color that you really want, sometimes its worth placing a pre-order and waiting in line to get it when it re-stocks. If you don't place an order, then other peoples' orders will be filled first, so its really 'first-come-first-served'. If you find this confusing, call and I'll explain more about these procedures.


Most strings are in stock, but even so, you can always call to double check. There are a few brands that have slowed or even stopped production. Major manufacturers like Pirastro, Thomastik, D'Addario, etc., are almost always available. Some others like Old Fiddler and Westminster are occasionally out of stock.


From time to time, I'll remove certain cello models that are being phased out. Usually these get replaced with updated, improved models, so don't worry! I can still get you a really top flight student instrument (or outfit) and/or professional model. As with cases, feel free to call or text to make sure that the model you are interested in is in stock. Certain models have predictable delivery dates and others have much longer time-to-delivery. Many of the instruments coming from Germany are hand made one at time. Those may take up to or even more than 6 months to delivery, so again, please check with us before ordering, so your $ isn't tied up when you could order an instrument that is readily available instead. I'll help steer you into the best value and the quickest delivery. 

If you are in our area, I recommend that you pick a few instruments from the website that you're interested in. Email me those choices and we'll set up a personalized meeting date and time. We'll have those instruments here for you to try out when you come over! I'll advise you when you should schedule your visit, since instruments usually have to be set up in the shop first, then shipped out to us, so plan about 2 weeks ahead for personal visits.


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