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Which nation do your cello supplies originate from?

Harris Shilakowsky cello music country of origin larsen strings

MusicStoreUSA.com is discontinuing the sale of all Chinese (PRC/Peoples' Republic of China) manufactured instruments, accessories, supplies and equipment for music. We will continue to supply products made in states and countries that support democratic values! Products made in Germany, Italy, France, USA, Canada, ROC (Taiwan), Japan, Czech Republic, etc. such as DÖRFLER, Aubert Lutherie, Strunal Schoenbach, Heffler, Juzek will be featured on the pages of MusicStoreUSA.com and of course, our extensive and diverse collection of sheet music of all styles.

Cello cases are update every week to make sure what you see in the store is what's really IN STOCK! Protect your beautiful instrument with a sturdy, lightweight, fashionable case. 

I'm enlarging my selection of Larsen brand cello strings which are all made in Denmark. We are phasing out the Crown strings, and are welcoming AURORA! 

Great value without compromise

Your first step on the Larsen journey begins with Aurora Strings for cello. Providing a comfortably affordable entry point into our range yet without any compromise in the Larsen seal of quality and consistency. A smoothly brilliant sound without metallic overtones. Aurora represent great value without compromise.
Of course, I'll be updating all the info about Il Cannone, LARSEN STRINGS fractional size strings, and Magnacore. 
Anything we don't seem to have in the store that you need? Let me know! If I can source it, I'll give you a special deal, as a 'finder's fee'!
Confused about which pieces or books to use? Check out the growing 

Cello Music - Graded Levels page

or go straight to 

Bowed String Music and Books

and then use the Browse By filter and just type in CELLO to sort out just the cello-relevant music and books. Still can't find something? HIT THAT CHAT button, OR send me an email or actually call me! All the contact info is always in the menu of 'stuff at the bottom of the page'.


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