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Fall Double Bass BOGOs

Harris Shilakowsky

What's a BOGO? 

that's ez. Buy One Get One!

Since a lot of people are interested in the Double Basses I have here at MusicStoreUSA.com, I figured it would make life easier if you could package your bow with your bass and save some moulah. 

SO... If you find a bass you really like in the current collection in the Bass Shop at MusicStoreUSA you can use this discount code 


to save 10% off any bass bow and if you need to supply a whole orchestra, you can use the discount 12 times per order! 

Its even easier if you just put this url into your browser...

https://musicstoreusa.com/discount/BassAndBow Then the discount will automatically apply to your shopping cart when you go to check out, saving you the 10% on any bows that qualify in your order!!!

What? You don't need a new bow? OK. Here's another code you can use (during check out)


When you buy your bass, you'll just get a free cake of any rosin of your choosing!

...or you can log in using this url...


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