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Huge Expansion of Strings

Harris Shilakowsky tons of new Strings

My goal is to provide access to ALL of your favorite strings for bowed instruments...

violin, viola, cello, bass, gamba at incredible prices. 

So far, I've added 1,784 new string products this morning. Within a couple of days, I'll add another 1300 or so! 

Affordable Alphayue strings for all instruments...

Alto-gamba gut strings

Eudoxa Aricore, Chorda, Chromcor, Wondertone, Crown, Dominant, Eudoxa, Evah Pirazzi, Flat Chromesteel, Flexocor, Gold Label, Hardanger, Infeld Red & Blue, Larsen, Magnacore, Universal, Obligato, Oliv, Goldbrokat, Original Flat, Flexocor, Passione, Permanent, Perpetual, Peter Infeld, Piranito, Precision, Mandoline, Prim, ProArté, Spirocore, Ropecore, Tenor-Gamba, Jazzer, Tonica, Treble Gamba, Tzigane, Damore, Virtuoso, Vision

And coming soon (this week), Zyex, Corelli, Economy Strad, Helicore, Jargar, Kaplan Amo, LaBella, Lenzner, Old Fiddler, Optima Protos, Pinnacle & Prelude!

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