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Merry Musical Month of May

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Stylish cases added to our case department!

I like the dots.

and I've just added new pictures of both front and back of select

Juzek handmade violins.


You may now order the Core Academy Black Double Bass 3/4 shop adjusted. Our hard-working distributor re-stocks the popular "Tuxedo" Bass regularly! There may be a delay in shipping these popular basses as they jump off the shelf as soon as they come in from our Core Academy manufacturer. So place your order as soon as you can, as your bass will be packed and shipped to you in the order that we receive the orders from all of our bass players! The outfit includes a bass cover, but if you get the bundle with a bow, we throw in the rosin for free and the shipping is FREE. (usually costs up to $900 for a basses!!!!)


Our woodwind shop, WindInstrumentsUSA.com, carrying Selmer-made Prelude, pBone and other inexpensive student instruments was opened, but is undergoing some ‘re-construction’. We are working on getting a faster responding website, and adjusting which instruments are going to be available, so we're putting it 'on hold'.  If you need a woodwind instrument for a student, please drop us an email or call and we'll place the order for you. Of course, we'll still get the best pricing possible! You can count on great prices, great quality, and great service, since we care about you and want your shopping experience to be fun and easy.

New Piano Duet Collection includes symphonies, concerti, and more for four hand fun.


String instruments humidifiers & humidistats:

We’re adding more humidifier brands and humidistats for all of our string instruments.

These are useful especially during the dry months of the year. They help prevent wood from drying out and cracking and warping. These conditions are not only unsightly, but they also reduce the potential resale value of instruments and can create buzzing noises where the cracked seams rub together when sound waves press against the walls of the instrument. available for all string instruments; fretted & bowed!


New cable products for gigs, on-stage, in-studio from the Cordial & Tourtek, LoDuca, F-Cable (patch cables) companies. Check this department:

Instrument Cables, Connectors & controllers


We are adding new guitar cases (hardshell for better protection) to our line of guitar-related products. Our first line is by On-Stage. We’ll be adding more brands this week! If you need a particular type of guitar case, please let us know, because we can supply it to you even if its not yet listed on the website!


We added some more compositions by the great 20th century woman composer, Lili Boulanger. This is the latest in the growing collections of specific composers.

Sheet Music

We carry a preponderance of sheet music from Hal Leonard. If you find anything on the Hal Leonard website, we can get it for you here at MusicStoreUSA.com, even if you don’t see it on our webstore. Just email/chat/text/call.

CASIO keyboards & workstations are BACK IN STOCK! in our keyboard department

We Care

Do we still give $ to charities? You bet we do. We care. As of today (May 6, 2022) we’ve donated $707 to some of our favorite charities. Every time you purchase anything here at MusicStoreUSA.com, we donate 2% to our charities. You can choose to direct that $ to a specific charity if you choose to, during your checkout process.


Its not a fortune, but its a start. If you have a charity you believe is worthy of our attention, please feel free to bring it to my attention for consideration for the next time we add new charities to our list of recipients. Thank you.

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