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New Additions in the String Instrument Shop

Harris Shilakowsky Artino Bobelock Bon Musica Core Cases Everest Guarnerius Jakob Winter kreisler Kun Muco Perlman Resonans Shoulder rest Stradivarius Superlight Tonareli Wolf

All the most popular brands of shoulder rests are now available & you can find them quickly by going straight to the Shoulder Rests room in the String Instrument Shop. Artino, Bon Musica, Everest, Kun, Pirastro, Muco, Resonans, Viva La Musica and Wolf are all here. (violin & viola...all available sizes).

A fabulously diverse assortment of violins including the Core Select meticulous copies of famous Strads, Guarneri & other violins, the Dragon line made by Zhonglong Sheng of the famous Sheng family, and offerings from the respected shops of the Aubert Luthierie, August F. Köhr, Johannes Köhr, Franz Sandner, celli by Heffler, and affordable yet beautifully made instruments in the Core Academy, Core Conservatory, Core Romanian & the professional level Core Symphony instruments. 

We now carry all of your favorite brands of violin cases, too! Bobelock, Tonareli, Case, Mirage, Superlight & Jakob Winter. If you don't see what you're looking for, just message me & I'll take care of you.

Of course, as always, every time you buy anything at MusicStoreUSA.com, I contribute 2% of your product purchase price to charities (check out the list).

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