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NEW! Shilakowsky Violins & Rock, Choral & Fiddle music collections

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Wow! So many new & important collections & products!


in the String Instrument Shop

Calin Wultur #7 L.E. – Guarneri Model Violin

Piranito strings for viola - SET

  • very bright sound, no metallic harshness
  • easy playability
  • attractively priced

String Instrument cases

…and now, (ta dah!) the Shilakowsky Violins …made in Romania of aged Carpathian maple and spruce. Look inside for the official Shilakowsky label.


a new collection: Fiddle Music. 


...and for Musicians who love SPORTS

NFL Guitars

and you can also search on your own for NHL guitars!

For music educators, I've found a new product: Xylotone Christmas Songs.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to stop carrying AirTurn controllers.

The store has great guitar foot pedals, effects pedals and DAW controllers plus the cool iRing. Use the Music Tech - EQUIPMENT & ACCESSORIES menu which you can find on the menu on any page of the store by scrolling downward. https://musicstoreusa.com/pages/music-tech

Xtomp Guitar Pedal

AMPLIFi FX100 Multi-Effects Pedal

FaderPort USB DAW Controller

Quartet Audio Interface & Studio Control Center by Apogee - 12 In x 8 Out USB for iPad & Mac - Free Shipping


make great music simply by waving your hands in front of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

iklip products

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