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MusicStoreUSA.com cares about you. We sell only professional quality stuff at the best prices so you can make beautiful music cuz the world needs MORE MUSIC.

Unlike other music stores, we give 2% of EVERY SALE directly to non-profit charities that support musicians and other people who need help. (check out the recipient list under any product in the store)

I care about you

your feelings
your satisfaction
your peace of mind
your sense of justice
I don't know exactly about you, but I know that I make music because its my expression of beauty & love.
So my personal goal is to help you find the right products...not to try to sell you stuff you don't need of want. But thats not all. My goal is also to assure an efficient, quick and transparent shopping and check out experience; to be fair to everyone equally and to do so by creating an unpressured, safe shopping space, since my overarching goal is to make the world a better place (yah I know I didn't write that, but John Williams always said you should steal from the best).
Oh yah, and to help you...help me...I offer good commissions through my affiliate program, so you can make money to help you live a better life.
To get better help for you when you're choosing what you need, I am embedding as many relevant videos into the product pages so you can see products 'in action' and hear the results, in the hands of great pros. And, whenever possible, make it so you can try before you buy, like when you come over to my studio to play on string instruments and compare them! I'm also setting up a program where we'll send instruments home for you to try for a trial period, too...so you can see and hear what the instrument really does (mostly for the bowed string instruments at this time.)
Oh...and check out the updated Disney Music Collection!

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