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Tycoon Percussion sustainable wood & Groove Juice

Harris Shilakowsky Groove Juice

Percussionists unite against oppression!

MusicStoreUSA.com is discontinuing the sale of all Chinese (PRC/Peoples' Republic of China) manufactured instruments, accessories, supplies and equipment for music. We will continue to supply products made in states and countries that support democratic values!

...and of course, we continue to donate 2% to charities out of every sale!

...oh, and I almost forgot that when you check out, you can select an option to reduce your carbon footprint on the amount produced for your order!

Just went through every single Tycoon World Percussion instrument, stick and piece of equipment that I carry here at MusicStoreUSA.com. Pricing has all been updated and inventories reviewed to make sure we have your desired equipment in stock!

Groove Juice is either in stock, or you can now pre-order, so as soon as its re-stocked, it will automatically ship to your house ASAP.

OH! and yeah we have the Motorcycle Style Drum Throne Model 6608 by Gibraltar. (lowest legal price $89.99)

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