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When in 1877 he took over the collection of the Parisian publisher Jacques Maho, Julien Hamelle (1836 - 1917) at the same time founded the publishing house that bears his name. Until 1883 it was the representative for the prestigious company Breitkopf & Härtel, the jewel of German music publishing, thus distributing in France the chamber works of Johannes Brahms. It was, however, with a French composer that the name Hamelle will forever be associated. Gabriel Fauré entrusted most of his works to this publisher and it was even on the advice of Julien Hamelle that he made an orchestral version of his Requiem. Alongside Fauré, other composers of this glorious period of French music came to enrich this catalogue: Édouard Lalo, Vincent d’Indy, Gabriel Pierné, Camille Saint-Saëns, César Franck, Charles-Marie Widor… The publisher of an important collection for the piano with works by Frederic Chopin, Anton Rubinstein and Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Hamelle also showed his interest in pedagogy with a collection of teaching works directed by Félix Le Couppey (1811 - 1887), one of the most influential teachers in France in the nineteenth century. After the death of his father Georges-Edgar Hamelle (1868 - 1956) took control of the firm in 1921, continuing to work for the expansion of the catalogue and the promotion of the works of the composers. This effort has been continued since 1977 with the help of Éditions Leduc, who since this date have been in charge of the distribution of the catalogue. In 1993 Hamelle was finally purchased by Éditions Alphonse Leduc, who today actively preserve and enhance this important musical inheritance.

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