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This is a partial list of the instruments I carry here at MusicStoreUSA, including information about the luthiers and workshops that make my instruments. When you make an appointment to come see/try instrument(s), especially the Master Violins you will be presented with a complete up-to-date price list. (see To View and Play Instruments in Person below). 

Choose an instrument using the descriptions and information as a guide. Call if you need further assistance. Be sure to check the sizing page for guidance. Using the wrong size instrument frequently makes it difficult to play in tune, as the fingers will tend to miss the correct positions! This discourages students and can lead to loss of interest in learning to play.

for Violas, please visit the Viola collection

Bows & Cases:

You may notice I have paired specific bows with each different instrument in the Kits. If you are trying out violin for the first time, I've chosen a durable, easy-to-play carbon fiber bow with real hair. However, for the more advanced instruments, I have picked higher grade bows, which will enable the player to create richer tones and more sophisticated rosin and cases made of materials that will protect your increased investment. You may collect multiple bows and use a different one to perform different styles of music. For this purpose, I recommend the cases with multiple bow holders. If you prefer a 'cello-shaped-cases' Which aren’t usually included with kits, they are available for purchase as 'a la carte' purchases.

General Statements regarding the choosing of an instrument:

I carry a variety of different 'brands' of string instruments. Look carefully not only at the grain of the wood used, the carving and elegance of the actual instruments, but also the features of the accessories included, when purchasing a kit that includes "everything". For instance, some violin cases include a storage space that will hold a shoulder rest. Being kept safely inside the case with the rest of their equipment, the musician is less likely to lose their shoulder rest Some cases have larger exterior pouches to hold sheet music, although care should always be taken not to overload these, as the result is broken zippers. 

Note: String instruments are hand-worked and created from natural materials that have variations color, and grain. Your instrument may not look exactly like the pictured ones on these pages. This will hold true for all string instruments purchased from all online retailers.

To View and Play Instruments in Person

When choosing a more expensive instrument (over $1000) such as the Master Violins, you may prefer to visit us by making a private appointment to view several instruments and play on them before making your purchase. You should make your appointment at least 5 days before you plan to come & let me know which instruments you’ll like to try, so I can prep them. If you have questions about your appointment, give us a call. For appointments in Easton MA use this link Easton MA. For appointments in Newton MA, use this one. You will receive a confirmation of your appointment by email once it has been confirmed and approved.