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Check the sizing page for guidance. Using the wrong size instrument makes it difficult to play in tune! This discourages students and can lead to loss of interest in learning to play.

Bows & Cases:

I have paired specific bows with instruments in the Kits. For beginner kits, I've chosen durable, easy-to-play carbon fiber bows with real hair. For advanced instruments, I choose higher grade bows, for creation of richer tones, more sophisticated rosin and cases made of materials that will protect your increased investment.

General Statements regarding the choosing of an instrument: the grain of the wood used, the carving and elegance of the instruments & the features of the kits determine values. 

Note: String instruments are hand-worked and created from natural materials that have variations color, and grain. Your instrument may not look exactly like the pictured ones on these pages. This is true for most string instruments purchased from online retailers.

To View and Play Instruments in Person

You may visit us by making a private appointment to view and play instruments before making your purchase. Some instruments can be viewed at the studio. Order online, or make an appointment to try before you buy.

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