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ACOUSTAGRIP Shoulder Rest, Prodigy, charcoal (small sizes)

ACOUSTAGRIP Shoulder Rest, Prodigy, charcoal (small sizes)

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ACOUSTAGRIP Shoulder Rest, Protege, charcoal

for 1/8, 1/4 & 1/2 sizes only (not for full size)

The AcoustaGrip has no clamps that mute the violin's sound. Clamps stop the vibrations of wood. The AcoustaGrip increases the volume of sound, adds better quality with more overtones. It Is very comfortable, ergonomically designed and will not fall off. AcoustaGrip gives a secure hold for the violinist or violist and attaches repeatedly. It sticks without glue or clamps with no damage to varnish, edges or back of violin and fits easily in the instrument case, preventing the instrument from rattling. The AcoustaGrip lessens musician's sores and marks on their chin, neck and collarbone, as it allows constant freedom, in contrast to rigid, vice-like gripping shoulder rests.

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