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2% donation from every sale

MusicStoreUSA cares about people.

We donate 2% of every sale to these musical and other important charities.

My philosophy about giving

I am not asking you to make a donation. I am NOT raising the prices to make up loss of income. I am not donating “after profit”, which would mean after deducting costs of doing business. I give a portion of the actual price of whatever you buy. Companies who donate percentages of “profits’ are probably only donating a fraction of a percent of what you pay!

Who gets money?

Being a performing & teaching musician, I like organizations that give money for free instruments, free music camp scholarships, free lessons & and free membership in musical groups that give valuable performance & learning experiences. I will only give donations to organizations that have completed their 501c3 tax-free status, which means I can trust that they are legitimate, ongoing charitable organizations. I am looking at the percentage that our charities actually give to people’s needs, versus spending on high paid administrators. I am researching our charities to make sure they are delivering real products & services to people who need them.

A little history…

I originally wanted to give away instruments and sheet music. As a small start-up company, I couldn’t afford to give away much of value. I don’t have a big staff to collect instruments & distribute them to children & provide other services & things that musicians need. But there are great non-profits that already do these things, so we can support them and strengthen their programs!

Here are the organizations that I am donating to currently.

Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra Inc.

Boston Massachusetts Usa


New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation
New Orleans Louisiana Usa


The Harmony Project

Los Angeles California USA


Musicians Foundation

New York, NY USA


Childrens' Music Fund

Encino, CA

Children’s Music Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to bringing music therapy & free instruments into the lives of sick children to help overcome pain, fear, and anxiety.


Families for Justice as Healing

Families for Justice as Healing is led by incarcerated women, formerly incarcerated women, and women with incarcerated loved ones. Our mission is to end the incarceration of women and girls. 

Families for Justice as Healing is unapologetically focused on women and girls and we are abolitionists. We are proud members of the National Council of Incarcerated Women and Girls. We are closely connected with our sister organization, Sisters Unchained. We are a part of the National Participatory Defense Network. 

Families for Justice as Healing leads advocacy to decarcerate women and girls in Massachusetts. We organize in the most incarcerated communities in the Commonwealth to transform the way we respond to harm and develop alternatives to police, courts, and incarceration. 

The approach we take to our work is #Reimagining Communities. We don’t need or want any new jails or prisons. Formerly incarcerated women have the solutions and expertise to address the root causes of incarceration. We are leading work to shift resources away from the criminal punishment system and into Black and Brown communities so we can have housing, healthcare, education, economic development, and community-led organizations.


Instrumental Angels, Inc

Instrumental Angels is a charity that receives musical instruments, accessories, music and monetary donations from people from around the globe. These instruments are then donated to children in need throughout the world from South Boston to Fogo Island, Cape Verde, South Africa.

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Harris Shilakowsky

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