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Affiliate Program

Teachers, professional musicians, and anyone who visits and enjoys MusicStoreUSA.com can apply to become an affiliate!

Affiliates & Fundraising

Become an affiliate at MusicStoreUSA.com.

Help make the world more musical

MusicStoreUSA.com cares about people. The world needs MORE MUSIC.

Unlike other stores, we donate 2% of EVERY SALE directly to non-profit charities that help bring more music into peoples’ lives.

MusicStoreUSA.com can help your personal business or non-profit organization raise more $$$ with our affiliate program powered by Goaffpro. 

Get a starting average 6% commission on the sale amount of anything you sell using your affiliate links! Certain products have higher commission rates on high profit-margin products. Commission rates are currently as high as 18%. 

You enjoy shopping for your musical needs on MusicStoreUSA. When you make your next purchase, you'll see a 'pop-up' during the check-out process. Since you now know the quality and necessity of the music or equipment you just purchased, you have become an informed consumer, and the informed consumer makes the best representative. Your helpful explanations about specific products help to create the type of service that makes MusicStoreUSA the place where others like to buy their instruments, equipment, sheet music, cd's, downloads and more. Additional instructions will follow after you fill out the quick application.

So, use the pop-up form (on the check out page where you're finalizing your purchases) to apply to become a member of our club of product specialists. If there is a product that you can't find, let me know, and I'll do my best to get it listed for sale on the site. Then, having made the request, you will become the rep for that product, too. The first person to rep any particular product will become the top tier sales rep for that product, therefore owning the largest possible income from that product, unless you quit! (if we don't see any sales activity for a couple of months on your affiliate dashboard).

You can also use the Affiliate Registration url below to sign up & log in to your own affiliate account. However, before your affiliate account is approved to start earning commissions.

Although it is not required, you may find it useful to purchase one or more products that you plan to both use and to promote. This helps you understand both the product you plan to promote & the customer's shopping experience. 

There is NO FINANCIAL REQUIREMENT for sales affiliates. 


You'll get a custom URL code that you can use on social media and in emails. Every time a customer clicks on one of your links which results in a purchase, you get a commission.

Legal info about our affiliate program

download the complete free guide to becoming a MusicStoreUSA Affilliate

We use a special system that is integrated with our MusicStoreUSA.com ecommerce store. It creates your affiliate portal for the shop. Follow the linked headings to learn more about this great program.

It helps to understand the concepts behind affiliate marketing. If you already know about it, you can skip this section.

What is affiliate/influencer marketing ?

Affiliate marketing or Influencer marketing, is the branch of marketing where other people promote a store or products in exchange for commissions on sale of products.

Who can be an affiliate/influencer ?

If you have a large following... You are a blogger, instagrammer, YouTuber, etc. You are read or watched by hundreds of potential customers, or your opinion is respected because of your position as a teacher, educator or respected musician or musical scholar...or technical expert, if you are dealing with technical products. 

You could be a very active student. If you have friends in your school orchestra who respect your playing or enjoy your company, you could suggest they look at equipment, sheet music or instruments that would fulfill their needs. For instance, Maybe you noticed their case is falling apart.  You can help them locate a nice replacement case.

A promotion by you can boost our sales.

The ideal affiliate for MusicStoreUSA.com could be professional teacher who seeks music for their students and is knowledgable about the composers or pieces they need for their own cohort of students, and might also know a bit about the qualitative differences between various publishers and/or editors.

MusicStoreUSA.com endeavors to list historical and other useful information to help guide you in your choices of music and publishers. In addition, whenever possible, we include extracts or page examples to show the type of material and some of the fingerings or other editor's markings.

Consider the following: If you put a link into a tweet you will reach a certain number of followers at the specific time you send the tweet out. If you tweet at various times of the day, you will increase your potential viewership. However, if create a post in a blog or website that stays up 24-7, you may get increased traffic flow of a different nature than you would from the twitter usage. So, consider which social media tool(s) you think will work best for the particular goal you have in mind.

What do you get in return ?

You're given a commission on sale of our products. We give you 5% to 17% on every order, (depending upon the variable discount given by our distributors.) So if a customer referred by you purchases $100 worth of stuff, you will get 6% of $100 = $6 as sale commission. Affiliates who bring in consistently larger numbers of purchasing customers will receive higher rates and bonus rewards including financial and product rewards that will be announced as these become available. If you are one of the first 100 affiliates to sign up, When you sign up, you will receive a coupon for 10% off any product in the store. Give this coupon to your customers so they get a great discount when they buy 'through you', and of course, you get the commission on sales made using the coupon.

I'll be exploring, vetting and adding new ways to increase your income. As we grow, you will also grow! 

Once we are established with the first productive affiliates, we will begin a new compensation system which will enable greater growth of income & stability for affiliates by enabling you to have a 'downline' of affiliates who's income will contribute to yours! (not yet available)

How do we know which customer is referred by the affiliate ?

Our automated affiliate program tracks the sales and attributes them to the proper affiliate...you!

The branded affiliate portal

This is where you, as a new affiliate register, see your earnings stats, payments, and create the referral links for store products. Every affiliate that registers on the portal is given a unique referral link to our store to share with their followers. The link when clicked, brings the visitors to our store.

The affiliate tracking script

The tracking script is installed on our store. Whenever any visitor comes to our store from the referral link of our affiliates, the script tracks the visitor for its entire visit. If the visitor buys something for our store, the commission for that sale is credited to the affiliate who sent the visitor.

How to use the affiliate tracking script

You write an article in your website or in your blog, a tweet or post on facebook about your positive experience using MusicStoreUSA.com. In that post or article, you mention a particular product such as a piece of music, which you've found on the MusicStoreUSA.com eCommerce store. You insert your custom tracking code as a url or link to that product. The reader then uses that link to go to the store and buys the product! You then automatically get the commission payment that is computed as a percentage of the cost of the product they purchase! Once your dashboard is set up, use the Marketing Tools menu to create customized links to products you'd like to promote to your fans, students or readers.
Watch the training video. 
Watch the whole training video series  YouTube video training series

Easy way to grab tracking scripts.

We have an Affiliate Site Stripe or Toolbar that you can turn on at the top of any page in the MusicStoreUSA.com online store. You find a product you want to promote by surfing around the store, then you click on the toolbar, thereby copying the code which you can then easily copy into your marketing materials (social media, emails, letters, blog, etc.). Here is a YouTube video explaining how to do this!

To Summarize

We have set up affiliate commissions using an admin dashboard. You, our new affiliate, register on the affiliate portal and are given a unique referral link upon approval of your application. The visitors you refer are tracked with the tracking script and if they buy something, the affiliate (you) are credited with the commission for that particular product (as setup in the admin dashboard). 

Can I get a higher commission rate?

YES. You'll notice that certain products such as our musical instruments have commission rates of as high as 17%. However, there are some products that have lower profit margins, and those products may pay lower commission rates. 
From time to time, the affiliate procedures and/or terms may change. You will be contacted with updates about any such changes and information about such changes will also be posted on this page. You can also raise your commission rate on specific products or make make additional income.
You can also get a higher commission rate by adding value to the product.

Can I use my discount and to buy stuff and still get my commission?

YES YOU CAN! Unlike other discount programs, which can't be combined, you can use any special offer affiliate's or other customer discounts to buy stuff. Use the affiliate link to purchase your desired products. You will still receive a commission check on those sales! So, you might get our new affiliate's 10% discount, plus a 6% commission on a $50 item. So the item cost you $45 after discount and then you'll get your $2.70 commission back. So your total cost for the $50 item will end up being $42.30. Do your math carefully, though, since your commission is paid on a percentage of the sale price after discounts are applied! Some of our very productive (affiliates with high respectability and viewership/followers) may be eligible to receive free products to try out and blog about! 

Join up here now!

Click on the Affiliate Registration URL link just below this line.


Set up your profile and purchase at least one product to begin earning commissions on sales of that item. 

Download the complete free guide to becoming a MusicStoreUSA Affilliate

Got Questions about the program? I've started a blog specifically to answer affiliates' questions; 


Here's the YouTube video training series if you like to learn by listening & learning.