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Music Lesson Policies

Music Lesson Policies

All make up lessons must be completed within the month they are missed by the student. Teacher unavailability will always be made up at mutual convenience. You must call/text if you will miss a lesson at least 24 hours before lesson time, except if you are ill in which case your absence is considered excused and will be made up.

No refunds for lessons.

EMAIL FOR AVAILABILITY. Please don't order lessons until you have confirmed availability by scheduling with the teach.

If you have booked lessons and you or the teacher find that they can't attend the date(s) and/or time(s) that you have booked with them, and assuming you haven't yet begun any lessons, your fees will be refunded to you, minus any credit card processing fees and a $20 cancellation fee. If you have already begun your scheduled lessons, and you find that you can't continue, there are no refunds for lesson fees paid, so please be sure that you are serious about taking lessons. We will however, do our best to find a more suitable day and/or time of day or night, so that your fees paid will not be wasted!