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Musical Instruments & Equipment

The String Instrument Shop - Violin Family

MusicStoreUSA.com won't sell instruments unless I'm confident of the quality, durability & aesthetic & tonal beauty and set-up. I would rather not sell anything than offer anything of less than reliable quality. I have set up business with the best, most reliable instrument manufacturers, luthiers and distributors. I will not add to the glut of junk that is already in the instrumental market!

Bass Viol (aka double bass)

Acoustic guitars

Electric Bass / Bass Guitar

Electric guitars

Teton Guitars

Variax by Line 6

Capos, strings & other Guitar supplies & equipment

Drums & percussion instruments



Stage equipment




Woodwinds & Brass. Since I'm a string specialist, I will carry only a few accessories & supplies. Email me with questions.

Check out the instrument repairs blog for woodwind or brass specialists are listed.