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Safe Healthy Instrument Deliveries

Here is what we're doing to help get to a Covid-19 free world

In person trials: 

Your PRIVATE visit to try out a new instrument

Please take advantage of our private try-before-you-buy appointment and instrument preparation system.

We put out only the instruments you are interested in that have been only handled with gloves by people who have corona virus-free history and handle the instruments with gloves. The instruments have been sanitized & set out for 48 hours to guarantee any infectious foreign matter and/or virus is dead before you handle the instrument(s). Your try-out room is private. We only allow one customer or family into the studio at a time to avoid any possible airborne particles. 

Ordering Online:

All instruments come from our warehouses. Our warehouses are all located in the USA. Each warehouse exceeds the standards of the state that it is located in, including all social distancing of employees and other safety measures. Instruments that are shipped directly from warehouses are packaged securely, so no one touches your instrument except you. 

We also have a new line of protective devices & shields that are being manufactured specifically with musicians safety in mind.

Combat Anti-Viral Covid-19 Prevention Products


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