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Schradieck School of Violin Technics

Schradieck, Henry

Book 1: Exercises for Promoting Dexterity in the Various Positions

I Exercises on One String

(HS; more exercises on one string)

    III Exercises on Two Strings

    1. Exercises to be practiced with wrist-movement only, keeping the right arm perfectly quiet (HS oscillating back and forth between 2 strings…a string-crossing set of exercises.)
    2. Exercises on Three Strings
    3. Exercises on Four Strings

    VII. (continued)

    VIII. Exercises in the Second Position

    1. Exercises in the First and Second Positions
    2. Exercises in the Third Position
    3. Exercises in the First, Second and Third Positions

    XII. Exercises in the Fourth Position

    XIII. Exercises in the First, Second and Third and Fourth Positions

    XIV. Exercises in the Fifth Position

    HS; Exercises passing through Five Positions (scales & arpeggios)

      XVI. Exercises in the Sixth Position

      XVII. Exercises passing through Six Positions

      XVIII. Exercises in the Seventh Position

      XIX. (HS) various positions with trills added on various notes

      (HS extensive exercises utilizing the various skills perfected in the previous pages of this book)

        Book 2: Exercises in Double Stops

        HS...begins with basic exercises. One note sustained while second voice changes fingerings to increase perception of double stop, increase dexterity & independence of digits, while improving pitch accuracy. Book progresses with more complex and challenging double stop studies, incrementing to slightly harder and/or more complex exercises as the book progresses.

        Book 3: Exercises in Various Bowing

        HS=comments by Harris Shilakowsky