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Special Import

This publication is a SPECIAL IMPORT. It will be imported at no additional charge beyond the normal cost of domestic shipping via OCEAN SHIPMENT which takes 3-4 months. You have the option to air import this item in the ‘standard’ 3 week time period, however you will need to add $16 to cover the import fee. If you would like us to air import this item, please do NOT order from the website, but instead, email your order to violin@shilakowskyarts.com and we will handle it for you personally asap. You may prefer to call your order in to us at (508) 535-5249 OR you can use the CHAT button during regular business hours to order. If you don't get an immediate response to your CHAT, we're busy with other customers. Please leave your name, email address & exact product name that you would like to order so we can get right on it!

There is another category known as Priority Direct Import which will be labelled as such on your product. 

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