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Voice Music

Check out the current music series below. Some songs may be out of stock.  If you'd like to be notified when they become available, please join our VOICE - CHORUS & SOLO EMAIL news subscribers. You will only get news that is relevant to vocal music (unless you select any additional area in the store you would like notifications from). Use the Mailing List Sign-up link on the bottom of any page.

Choral Large Works

Choral Selections

Strum and Sing

Piano-Vocal-Guitar Songbook & Sheet Music Collection

Getting to Know... Collection 

Music Minus One 

Piano vocal mostly classical

Vocal Library

These volumes include historical notes, translations, and clear music engravings - all presented in books with long-lasting, sewn binding. Many volumes are available with companion CD of accompaniments and pronunciation lessons.

Vocal Scores

If you know exactly what you're seeking already, Please search for a specific composer or song by using the search engine at the top right of each page of the site. You can type in the word 'vocal' or 'voice' or something similar to bring up various different results...

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