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2 Preludes

2 Preludes

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Cyril Scott (1879 - 1970) composed Deux Préludes in 1912. Includes: I. Poème érotique and II. Danse.

“In the first of two Preludes, Poéme Érotique, the continually changing time signatures are the defining factor, displacing the bar accents between a rocking three and a rhapsodic five-quaver meter. The Danse that follows relies even more on the rhythmic acuity of its interpreters through an unfolding sucession of unusual meter changes. These two pieces will appeal to an advanced player wishing to enrich his repertoire with superb effective performance pieces. Schott's exemplary printing on buff-colored paper with slightly-larger-than-usual notation should serve to bring the unjustly neglected Scott back into the violin-repertoire fold.”--Strings magazine

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