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Aubert Lutherie Violin - Vuillaume Model

Aubert Lutherie Violin - Vuillaume Model

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Aubert Lutherie Violin - Vuillaume Model

Aubert Lutherie instruments encompass all of the beauty and power we would expect of fine handmade French violins. J.B. Vuillaume (1798-1875) established his fame in Paris, but he was from Mirecourt, trained there as a luthier, and maintained a professional network of Mirecourt craftsmen that became the lifeblood of lutherie francaise as it grew and flourished for generations to come. Inspired by this history, Aubert Lutherie?s "Vuillaume" model has a medium red-golden traditional French spirit varnish polished to a high luster, bringing to light the highly-select tonewoods. The rich tonal quality comes from a medium voice capable of a broad range of colors. The response is even and balanced throughout its registers, and yet can become even more complex in the wider dynamic ranges. The powerful projection, stability, and ease of play speak to their fine construction in the classic French tradition. Each instrument has been adjusted by the maker using fine ebony fittings, a beautifully cut and fitted Aubert Deluxe bridge and a set of Corelli Alliance Vivace strings. Additionally, each instrument comes with a Maker's Certificate.

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