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Auguste Samie - Etudes Mignonnes, 1<sup>er</sup> Cahier Des Soixante Etudes Pour Violo

Auguste Samie - Etudes Mignonnes, 1er Cahier Des Soixante Etudes Pour Violo

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“<strong>Études Mignonnes</strong> (or Cute Studies) is the first in a series of three volumes of studies for the Violin. Compiled in 1878 by <i>Auguste Samie</i>, the études allow students to work on basic technical concepts, such as bowing and sound production. <br> <br>The 20 studies in <strong>Études Mignonnes</strong> each helpfully contain a title indicating the focus of the exercise, followed by clear instructions regarding technique. Moreover, this edition of <strong>Soixante Études</strong> is revised and annotated by <i>Georges Catherine</i>, popular contemporary violinist and arranger. Edits by <i>Catherine</i> include bowing marks, fingerings, articulation, dynamics and performance directions. Including input by two prolific players of the Violin, <strong>Études Mignonnes</strong> is an obligatory guide for beginners of the instrument. ”

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