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Bonjour, Piano! - Upper Intermediate Level

Bonjour, Piano! - Upper Intermediate Level

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Publisher: Editions Durand, Editions Salabert, Editions Max Eschig 
Editor: Brendan Fox 
Piano Level: Upper Intermediate 

This five volume series, at five levels of difficulty, compiles carefully selected music for piano students by various French composers, much of which will be new to many teachers, allowing for fresh discoveries. Each volume is in progressive order, and includes composer biographies. “Points for Practice and Teaching” illuminate special issues for the student, and can be used as a lesson plan for the teacher for teaching a piece.


CLAUDE DEBUSSY: The girl with the flaxen hair, Rêverie • DARIUS MILHAUD: Life • FRANCIS POULENC: Polka, Rustic Piece • PIERRE SANCAN: Young Men Working • ERIK SATIE: Gnossienne No. 3, The (Perpetual) Tango, The Races, The Son of the Stars: First Act Prelude - The Calling, Yachting • HENRI SAUGUET: The Child of the Troop, The Cyclists • DÉODAT DE SÉVERAC: In Chapel • ALEXANDRE TANSMAN: Rainy Day, Speeding Along, Toccata

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