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Cabaret Songs - Volumes 1 and 2

Cabaret Songs - Volumes 1 and 2

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This is a collection of 12 songs primarily for the classical singer to perform in recital with piano accompaniment. The songs are in a medium voice range, and could probably be performed by any voice type (soprano, mezzo-soprano, etc.), although mezzo-sopranos will find them most suitable. The music has quite a theatrical flair, although it is in a contemporary classical style. Distinctive repertoire with a twist. Arnold Weinstein's texts are as pithy as Bolcom's settings of them. Contents: Over the Piano · Fur (Murray the Furrier) · He Tipped the Waiter · Waitin · Song of Black Max (as told by de Kooning boys) · Amor · Places to Live · Toothbrush Time · Surprise! · The Actor · Oh Close the Curtain · George.

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