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Concerto (horn & Orchestra)

Concerto (horn & Orchestra)

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This famous Concerto for Double Bass and Piano accompaniment by Edouard Nanny is part of the �Double Bass Classics�. It is the famous piece n23 of this collection which, even though attributed to Dragonetti, is commonly acknowledge as a tribute to him composed by Edouard Nanny. The book features a score and Double Bass part.

Written in A major and divided in three parts, Allegro Moderato, Andante and Allegro Giusto, all its movements start with the Piano which is later joined by the Double Bass. This latter then becomes the main element, the Piano accompaniment being mainly chords.

Quite difficult, this piece would fit the skills and abilities of advanced players, for recitals or concerts.

Edouard Nanny (1872-1942) was a well-known French Double Bass player, composer and professor.

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