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Feuille d'Album

Feuille d'Album

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Teacher, soloist, chamber musician, conductor and composer � flautist Eric Ledeuil, a student of Patrick Gallois and Benoît Fromanger, wears many hats. This diversity continually enriches his educational work, as can be seen by the success of his flute method La flûte imaginative, published by Leduc in two volumes (AL 30 365 and 30 367). Fête à Camelot, a piece for flute and piano (or harp) for fourth-year students, reconnects with the Knights of the Round Table, an imaginary world that has long been a source of musical inspiration for Ledeuil: the key figures of the legend appear in his Les Méandres de Viviane (AL 30 495, Beginner) and Les Mystères de Brocéliande (AL 29 589, Intermediate). This work is set in King Arthur�s fortress: the great halls ring out with the sounds of joyful festivities, interspersed with echoes of Viviane�s song. A Knight�s story of his quest for the Holy Grail is followed by the furtive appearance of Morgan le Fay, but she gives way to the Lady of the Lake � Viviane � whose distant melody shrouds itself in melancholy tones. The work concludes with a fisel, a traditional Breton dance that whips the troubadours� enchanted instruments into a frenzy.

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