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Glasser Carbon Graphite Violin Bow

Glasser Carbon Graphite Violin Bow

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Glasser Carbon Graphite Violin Bow

Our AC advanced composite bows are high-gloss brown, mounted with a fully-lined Paulus ebony frog, with white mother of pearl slide and double eye.All composite bows are nickel mounted with a Paulus ebony frog, nickel-silver wound, have an imitation lizard grip, a three-part button, come with unbleached natural white horsehair, and are covered by our limited lifetime warranty. They can be customized with different stick/hair colors similar to the options for the SH Series fiberglass bows.
About Glasser: Glasser traces its roots back to 1938, when Leon Glasser began handcrafting wooden bows in his small Bronx, New York workshop. Glasser produces a full range of student and professional bows for all stringed instruments in all sizes, including violin, viola, cello, French bass and German bass.

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