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Humorous Art Songs

Humorous Art Songs

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Contents: Amo, Amas, I Love a Lass (Arnold) · Anthony Preaches to the Fish (Mahler) · Ballad of the Fat Turkeys (Chabrier) · Church Bell at Night (Barber) · The Classicist (Mussorgsky) · The Cunning Constable (Leveridge) · A Fine Line (Barab) · How Often Have I Prayed (Wolf) · I Love Love (Bizet) · I Was Informed (Wolf) · If You've Only Got a Moustache (Foster) · The Kiss (Beethoven) · My Wife If a Most Knowing Woman (Foster) · The One Way (Ives) · Promiscuity (Barber) · Rumpled, Tumbled & Jumbled (Anon) · The Seminarian (Moussorgsky) · Strong Imagination (Mahler) · The Useless Serenade (Brahms) · Vilanelle of the Little Ducks (Chabrier) · A Warning (Mozart) · Why Should'st Thou Sweare I Am (Charles I).

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