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Incidental Music Volume 2 Full Score

Incidental Music Volume 2 Full Score

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French pianist, arranger, composer and conductor, Jean Michel Defaye (b. 1932) entered the Paris Conservatoire at the mere age of ten years old. His successful compositions and arrangements were mainly for brass, In the Style of Debussy, composed in 2002 for Trombone and Piano, being no exception. With a typical performance lasting about five minutes, Defaye's In the Style of Debussy reflects the compositional techniques of Claude Debussy by use of chromaticism, evocative melodic passages, spread chords in the accompaniment and a calm nature. Defaye's passion to explore a variety of preceding composers is clear with In the Style of Debussy being a part of a series which explores the music of many great composers. For all aspiring trombonists wishing to vary and expand their repertoire, In the Style of Debussy by Jean Michel Defaye is essential.

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