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Les Petits Moulins а vent (Pujol 1117)

Les Petits Moulins а vent (Pujol 1117)

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Born in 1970, Éric Ledeuil is a versatile musician, working as a flautist, composer, conductor and teacher. All his expertise combined have created the wonderful short work, The Mysteries of Brocéliande.

This delightful work by Ledeuil depicts the legendary forest in Brittany, France, which has been used in numerous literary works. It is a place of legend due to its uncertain location, unusual weather, and for notably containing a supposed magical fountain and the tomb of Merlin. The Mysteries of Brocéliande for Flute and Piano accompaniment is an essential and varied piece for intermediate flautists. Ledeuil's piece, depicting beautifully the inspiring forest of Brocéliande, makes for an exciting performance piece for the Flute.

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