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Louisiana Blues Strut: A Cakewalk

Louisiana Blues Strut: A Cakewalk

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Publisher: Lauren Keiser Music Publishing
Composer: Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson

as Recorded by Sanford Allen on Cedille Records “Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson: A Celebration.” Unaccompanied.

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...a word from Harris Shilakowsky, the owner of MusicStoreUSA.com. Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson was a celebrated American black composer. The usage of the word, "Cakewalk" is a sign of respect...not derision...by Perkinson. The cakewalk was a dance tradition developed during the dark days of slavery. The black people would gather to dance this lively type of expression that mocked the grandiose dances of the white plantation owners. I strongly recommend the excellent articles on Wikipedia on the subject which even includes a video clip of folks dressed up & dancing! 


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