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Mini Suite

Mini Suite

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AL 30 753 - MILA AND THE SHIP TREE - Version for piano For decades the French composer Isabelle Aboulker has been very successful with vocal works for children and young people, in whom well-known fairy tales are processed. Now she has once again met with Mila and the Schiffbaum, a work commissioned by the Académie musicale by Villecroze in the course of the project 3 composers write for the school, and by the French music publishers with the music prize 2015 in the category Works for young performers . With this composition, Isabelle Aboulker has created a musical story for narrator, children's choir and instrumental accompaniment, which helps children between five and eight years in educational and valuable ways to gain first experiences with music theater and choral singing. Thanks to an excellent German translation, the successful work can now also be found in the German-speaking world. With the deep sensitivity and subtlety that is the secret of her art, Isabelle Aboulker tells of a little girl who succeeds in getting over the loss of a loved one, namely, his grandfather. The highly charming melodies of this piece, written for unanimous children's choir, are joined by an instrumental accompaniment in which tender melancholy and subtle humor alternate - this musical language comes directly from the heart. AL 30 754 - Choral Partitur (German and French text) The work is also available in English translation: AL 30 732 - version for speaker, children's choir and piano (French and English text) AL 30 743 - Choral Partitur (French and English text) As well as with other instrumental accompaniments: AL 30 733 - version for speaker, children's choir and trio (clarinet in B, cello and piano) (French and English text) AL 30 734 - version for spokesman, children's choir and instrumental ensemble (French, English, German, French, Italian, Italian)

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