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Thea Musgrave: Narcissus for Solo Flute with Digital Delay

Thea Musgrave: Narcissus for Solo Flute with Digital Delay

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Publisher: Music Sales America 

Composer's Note Narcissus wanders through the forest, observing, enjoying ... unselfconscious but self-absorbed. He sees as pool of water and then as he approaches notices his reflection in the water. He is intrigued and then jumps back in fright. Once more he approaches ... it is still there. Narcissus steps away from the pool to consider this phenomenon. Several times he approaches, the figure is always there watching him. In the shimmering sunlight Narcissus seems to see this glorious and attractive being moving in the rippling water. He is dazzled and slowly holds out his arms. To his amazement the figure responds. In awe and wonder Narcissus approaches closer and closer. With a sudden change of mood Narcissus dances happily and playfully ... the figure echoing him. But then, Narcissus begins to question anxiously the lack of any independent response...is he being mocked? He gets more and more aggitated and finally in a fury he rushes headlong into the water to grapple with the figure. The waves surge up and Narcissus is drowned. There is a distant shimmering vision of Narcissus and his reflection. Then in the setting sun the vision disappears, the forest is empty and the pool lies undisturbed. Thea Musgrave

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