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Pieces Celebres Vol.1: Easy (violin & Piano)

Pieces Celebres Vol.1: Easy (violin & Piano)

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“Parisian violinist <i>Georges Catherine</i> (1872-1958) compiles an exciting addition to the Violin repertoire. Including pieces by Schumann, Rameau, Lully, Handel, Couperin, Byrd, Beethoven and Bach, <i>Catherine</i> ensures that the best Violin works of the Baroque genre are compiled in one essential volume. <br> <br>In the first volume of his compilation, <strong>Famous Pieces for Violin and Piano</strong>, <i>Catherine</i> transcribes and arranges famous works by the great composers of all eras for the Violin, ensuring that necessary additions and edits are made. Pieces include <i>Lully</i>'s <i>Menuet</i> from <i>Les Bourgeois Gentilhomme</i> and a J. S. Bach <i>Menuet and Gigue</i>. The changes by <i>Catherine</i> include articulation, phrasing, tempo marks, dynamics and other performance directions. <strong>Famous Pieces for Violin and Piano</strong>, compiled by <i>Georges Catherine</i>, provides excellent expansion to the repertoire of Violin beginners, ensuring that students are inspired by the works of the great composers from the start of their instrumental study.”

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