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The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Drums

The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Drums

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The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Drums, . Centerstream Publications Book UPC888680676421 ISBN1574243446 Softcover Matt receives a nice drum set from his parents and starts lessons with Mr. Thompson. He discovers he is talented, and brags to his friends on how good he is on drums – so much that no one wants to be around him. One day, Matt visits a music store and watches a strange-looking man, dressed like a rock star, playing the drums. The man warns Matt that if he continues to brag, his drums will shrink until he won't be able to play any more. Matt discovers that it doesn't pay to brag and learns how to keep his drums from shrinking. A songbook of 10 fun and catchy original tunes is included. Recommended for ages 4-8.. Length=11. Length=11, Width=8.5

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