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The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Trumpet

The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Trumpet

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The Amazing Incredible Shrinking Trumpet, . Centerstream Publications Book UPC888680712747 ISBN157424356X Softcover Kylie is a quiet girl who signs up for trumpet in band. Her friends and band teacher tell her she is talented. But Kylie doesn't believe in herself. One night, while watching TV, her eyes catch an amazing woman trumpet player. Suddenly, the woman steps out of her TV screen and into her room. The woman tells Kylie not to be afraid of what others think, and to believe in herself. She warns Kylie that if she keeps playing softly and not believing in herself, her trumpet will shrink and vanish. Kylie discovers that if she starts playing louder and believes in herself she can keep her trumpet from shrinking. (Recommended for ages 4-8). Length=11. Length=11, Width=8.5

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